South Africa Online Casino Banking

Learn about making deposits and withdrawals with top banking methods at South African focused online casinos.

The banking section facilitates your making deposits at the online casino and withdrawing your winnings. At the online casinos that we have recommended you will be able to carry out the payment transactions in South African Rands. You can also rest assured that the latest SSL encryption protocols have been put in place so that these payment transactions are totally secure. A number of common payment options are available for you to make deposits and withdraw your winnings. Each online casino has its own minimum and maximum limits for the different payment options and you should check out this information from the banking section.

Making Deposits With Credit & Debit Cards

Almost all South Africans would be using debit cards or credit cards for online transactions such as purchasing travel tickets. The same cards can be used in a similar manner to make deposits at South African online casinos. At our recommended online casinos you will be able to use credit or debit cards from MasterCard and Visa. If you have cards from another service provider please check at the customer support of the online casino whether it can be used. There are some advantages of using this payment option. Online casinos do not levy any fees for making deposits through credit cards or debit cards. You can enjoy some credit while wagering at online casinos if you use credit cards.

The process of depositing funds at the online casino is the same for debit cards and for credit cards. Prior to your first deposit you have to register your card with the online casino by providing the required details. For making the deposit you will have to log in at the online casino. At the banking section you will have to select the deposits option and then your particular credit card or debit card. At most online casinos you will only be asked to enter the deposit amount and your CVV number. This is because the credit card number and other particulars are already linked against your account. Then you can click the required button to complete the transaction. The payments will be transferred to your account at the online casino immediately and you can start wagering.

Making Deposits With eWallet Solutions

An eWallet is like an online account into which you can transfer funds using credit cards, your bank account or other means. Then you can use the money to make deposits at online casinos. The most reputed eWallets in the online casino industry are Neteller and Skrill. You can use these eWallets at our recommended online casinos. You first have to open the eWallet account from the web site of the provider. You also have to fund the eWallet account as indicated earlier. They could be a charge for this levied by the eWallet.

In order to deposit funds at your South African online casino using an eWallet, you must select that eWallet as the payment option while registering. For making a deposit, you log in to the online casino, access the banking section, select the deposits option and then select the particular eWallet. You will be asked to enter the amount you wish to deposit and be transferred to the eWallet secure web site. You will have to log in there and complete the transaction. The funds will be credited instantly in your online casino account.

Transfer from your eWallet account to the online casino account is absolutely free. In fact, many online casinos prefer their players using the eWallet option. Therefore they offer special bonuses for making deposits through eWallets. eWallets can also be used for withdrawing winnings, so you use one option for both types of transactions. You can also withdraw funds from your eWallet to your bank account.

Making Withdrawals With Checks

Making withdrawals with checks is the default withdrawal option at online casinos. If you have made the deposit using a payment option that cannot be used for withdrawals, then the online casino will remit your winnings through a check. This is the most time consuming of all withdrawal options. Once the online casino has processed your withdrawal request and found it acceptable, it will prepare a check for that amount. The check will be posted to the address given by you while registering at the online casino. There will be time lost in this postal delivery. Then you will have to deposit the check in your account and wait for the funds to clear. This leads to further delay. It could be up to two weeks before you get the money in your account. Therefore it is advisable to use, as far as possible, a payment option that allows both deposits and withdrawals. There is another drawback to withdrawals with checks. Online casinos do not like to prepare checks frequently. Therefore the minimum withdrawal limit for this option is usually much higher than the limit for other withdrawal options.

If you are constrained to use the check option for making withdrawals, then this is the procedure to be followed. You log in at your online casino and go to the banking section. There you select the withdrawals option and then the check payment option. You enter the amount to be withdrawn and complete the transaction. Your withdrawal request will be forwarded for processing and the check will be issued thereafter.

Making withdrawals with eWallet solutions

If you have chosen an eWallet as the payment option and have made deposits using it, then you can withdraw your winnings into that eWallet. Neteller and Skrill are the popular and reputed eWallets at South African online casinos. In order to make a withdrawal with an eWallet, you must log in at your online casino and go to the banking section. There you must select the withdrawals option and then your particular eWallet. In the fields provided you will have to enter the amount to be withdrawn and your eWallet account number. When you complete the transaction your withdrawal request will be forwarded for processing.

Usually online casinos have a waiting list for withdrawals processing. The requests from VIP players are processed on priority. Therefore it can take a few days for your request to be processed. However, after processing is done the amount will be remitted electronically to your eWallet account. This transmission is instantaneous and you should get your funds in a few working days. eWallet withdrawals are the fastest option. There is no cost associated with withdrawing your winnings using the eWallet option. Neither the online casino not the eWallet provider charges any fee. And there is no hidden cost. Once the funds are in your eWallet account you can use them for depositing at any other online casino or for any online transfer. However, if you withdraw the funds from your eWallet account to your credit card or bank account you will have to pay a fee.

Making Withdrawals With Wire Transfers

Wire transfer withdrawals are similar in some respects to check withdrawals. The funds are transferred from the account of the online casino directly to your bank account. But this is not done through a paper check as described in the earlier section. The online casino instructs its bank to electronically transfer funds to your bank account. This transfer is instantaneous and therefore much faster than the check option. However, it is a costlier option. Both your bank and the bank of the online casino will usually levy a charge and both these charges will be borne by you. The online casino will deduct its banks charges from the remittance. Your bank will debit your account separately.

Usually, if you have chosen wire transfer as the payment option and made your deposit through a wire transfer, then this withdrawal option will apply. Some online casinos may use the wire transfer withdrawal as the default option if you have agreed to pay the bank’s charges. In case of VIP players or high rollers the online casino may even waive its bank charges. In order to exercise this option, you will have to log in to your online casino. At the banking section you will have to select the withdrawal option and then the wire transfer option. You will have to enter the amount to be withdrawn. At some online casinos you may have to enter your bank name and account number. Other online casinos may pick up these details from your profile in their servers.

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