Beginners Guide to South African Online Casinos

Learn about online casinos and gambling online as a South African player..

Online casino gambling allows you to play a range of casino games on your desktops and laptops sitting at home. Today you can also play these games from practically anywhere on your mobile phones and tablets. In both cases you need to be connected through the Internet to the online casino that offers this service. Online casino gambling should be treated as a fun activity just like going out for dinner or a sports match. The only difference is that in online gambling you hope and can win back the amount spent and more. However, you should be careful that the desire to win does not become an obsession.

How To Download An Online Casino

You can use the download software only if you have Windows operating system. You are required to download only the first time. The process is simple, menu driven and takes only a few minutes. You click the download button on the homepage of the online casino website. A file will be downloaded on to your computer. You click that file to install the complete software along with the games on your hard disk. The use of the software is free. While the software installs on your computer, you will be required to register at the online casino. You will have to enter your personal details like name, age, address and nationality. You will also have to select a user ID and password. If you are planning to wager with real money you will also have to fill in the banking section. Here you will have to choose the payment option. If you are planning to play for free then you can skip this section for later. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions before the process is completed. Please read these conditions before accepting. You are then ready to log into the online casino, make a deposit and start playing.

How To Play No Download Online Casinos

A no download online casino is also referred to as an instant play casino. The software is not downloaded and installed on your computer. Therefore you do not use any computer storage in the process. Also, you can play at the no download online casino whether you are using a PC or a Mac. When you click the instant play button on the homepage of the online casino you will be taken to the registration section. You will have to enter your personal details and will also have to choose a user ID and password. Players planning to wager with real money will also have to fill in the banking section. Here you will have to choose the payment option. In most South African online casinos the default currency will be Rands. In case you are asked to make a choice then select Rands. Read the terms and conditions before accepting. You can then log in to the online casino, make a deposit and start playing. When you select a game it will open in the browser of your computer and you will play from there. At many South African no download online casinos if you want to play for free, you need not register. You can select the games from the web site and start playing.

How To Play Mobile Online Casinos On Android And Apple Devices

The best South African online casinos offer a selection of games on which you can wager from your Android and Apple mobile devices. If you are already a member of the online casino you can use the same login parameters at the mobile casino. If not, then you will have to register at the mobile casino. The best mobile casinos are compatible with all Android and Apple devices.

There are some different ways in which you can access the mobile casinos. You will be provided a link at the online casino. You access the mobile casino through your mobile device using that link. Then you can register or start playing at the mobile casino. In some cases you will be provided with a QR code that you have to scan on your mobile phone. It will automatically take you to the mobile casino.

However, the most responsive and reliable way to play at mobile online casinos is through apps. Most mobile casinos now have apps for Android and Apple devices. You can download these apps from the respective mobile stores and install them on your cell phones or tablets. This will improve your mobile casino experience with high quality graphics and sound effects.

About Online Casino Bonuses And Claiming Them

Online casino bonuses are free credits given by the casino for you to wager on the games offered. Therefore the bonuses cannot be claimed and then cashed out. You have to play with the bonuses at the online casino as specified in the terms and conditions. You should carefully read and understand the terms and conditions before claiming the bonus. There are different types of online casino bonuses. Some are given against a deposit made by you, whereas others are awarded as prizes in promotions. Sometimes you will be allowed to withdraw the bonus after you have met the terms and conditions, at other times you will be allowed to withdraw only your winnings. Please read our Bonus section for more information.

Usually bonuses have to be claimed. Each bonus offer comes with a specific code. In order to claim the bonus you will be required to go to the cashier of the online casino and enter the code in the appropriate place. If you are claiming a deposit bonus then you will also have to make the deposit of the required amount. If you forget to enter the bonus code while making the deposit you will lose the opportunity to play with the bonus.

About Payout Percentages On Games And How These Work

Payout percentage is the amount paid out by the online casino in winnings expressed as a percentage of the total bets received. Usually the payout percentages are reported separately for different games or games categories. Online casino games are so designed that the payout percentage for every game will be less than 100% in the long run. If this were not the case then the online casino would keep losing money on that game. This does not mean that you will never win playing at an online casino. In a given session players get lucky and can win large amounts. Therefore you will see reports of monthly payout percentages on some games being more than 100%.

Different games categories have been designed to deliver different payout percentages. Blackjack and video poker games offer among the highest payout percentages of over 99%. But you have to acquire the required skill and play with optimum strategy. Since many players do not possess the skill, the reported actual figures on these games are usually lower. Online roulette variants have payout percentages ranging from about 95% to about 98%. Online slots have payout percentages of about 95%. In online craps the payout percentage for each bet is different.

How To Handle Disputes You May Have With Online Casinos

It is unlikely that you will have a dispute with the online casinos that we have recommended. They are the most fair and player friendly online casinos catering to South African players. However you should be prepared to handle disputes in case one arises. At online casinos most disputes arise because players feel that they have been deprived of bonuses or because payouts have been delayed.

The first thing that you must do is to create a written record of the events involved. Make sure that you dates and amounts are correct. Then e-mail the note of your grievance to customer support. Having done that, contact customer support through live chat or telephone informing them of your grievance. Give them time to check out the data at their end. Once the online casino is ready, you can discuss the issue with a customer support representative. Be courteous during the discussions. Hopefully the matter would be resolved at this stage.

If the online casino has not addressed your grievance to your satisfaction, you can take the matter to the appointed dispute resolution agent or the licensing authority. You need to follow the same steps, but include the discussions had with the online casino as well.

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