Out Now New Live Dealer Italian Blackjack Game from Playtech

Published: July 10, 2020

A new live dealer casino game from Playtech is available now at some of our featured South African online casinos. The game is called Sette e Mezze (which means Seven and a Half in Italian), and the main aim of this game, which has been compared to Blackjack, is to try and beat the dealer by reaching as close to 7.5 points without going bust. It’s a popular Italian game, but it’s played with a completely different deck of cards that most of you will not be familiar with.

For example, each deck contains 40 cards, and the suits are Clubs (Bastoni), Swords (Spade), Cups (Coppe) and Denari (Coins), and these individual cards are worth 0.5 to 7 points. The Asso (Ace) is worth 1 point. The 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 cards are each worth their face value in points, and the Jack (Fante), Cavalier (Cavallo) and King (Re) are all worth 0.50 points. There’s also the King of Coins card, which acts as a Wild Card, and it will always bring your score as close to 7.5 as possible whenever it appears in your hand.

The top hand, a Sette e Mezzo Royal is a two-card combination which includes the King of Coins Wild Card, and pays 3:2. If you end up beating the dealer with any other hand, you’ll get a 1:1 payout. As soon as you pay to play, you will be dealt two face-up cards, and the dealer will be dealt one face-up card. The lowest cost per hand starts from $/€/£1.00 (which is approx. R20), and the maximum cost per hand is capped at $/€/£1,500 (which is approx. R31,000).

Between each round of betting, you can add more chips. You will automatically draw until the dealer’s initial card has been beaten. You (the player) draws up to 7.5, but the dealer draws up to 5. A tie pushes on 5.5, and a player will lose his or her main bet when tying on 5 points. That’s not all though. Before the round starts, you can also go for one or two side bets – the Mano di Poker side bet and/or the Partita Perfetta side bet.

Both side bets payout even on a NON-WINNING hand. Mano di Poker pays out if the dealer’s first card and your first two cards form a specific hand combination. For example, a Straight pays 5:1. A Flush pays 6:1. Three of a Kind pays 50:1. A Straight Flush pays 75:1, and a Royal Flush pays 150: Partita Perfetta pays out if the dealer’s and your first cards create a pair of the same value. For example, a Pair of 1’s to 6’s pays 5:1. A Pair of Face Cards pays 10:1, and a Pair of 7’s pays 55:1.

The game may take a few rounds of playing to get used to, and don’t forget that you can just sit down at the table and watch without spending money, just to familiarise yourself with the rules. It’s only available in the real money mode, and there will always be an unlimited number of seats available, which means that you will never have to wait to be seated. To play Live Sette e Mezzo right now, either on desktop or mobile, go to Casino.com or Mansion Casino.

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